What is launch360?

Launch360 is a spaceflight media platform that utilizes UHD 360° video and 3D ambisonics audio so anyone can experience the awesome power of a rocket launch firsthand without actually being there! After starting the Student Society of Spaceflight and Aerospace Media (S3AM) at the University of South Florida, Launch360 has begun to diversify and greatly increase its launch coverage with frequent reporting on spaceflight/aerospace happenings, launch photography, dedicated viewing guides, and much more!

Our mission

Launch360 aims to spread the excitement of space exploration to everyone, everywhere in the world through unique VR experiences!

Our Origins

In early-2018, three engineering students at the University of South Florida came together with a shared goal: allowing everyone, everywhere around the world to experience the excitement of spaceflight firsthand without actually being there through the use of rapidly-advancing VR technology. They created Launch360 and quickly made major strides toward that goal, filming multiple rocket launches with their custom-built VR filming setup, VRAV. With Launch360’s following rapidly growing and graduation on the horizon, the three students founded the Student Society of Spaceflight and Aerospace Media (S3AM) to carry Launch360’s legacy and continuously improve upon it.

Launch360 and s3am

The creators of Launch360 founded the Student Society of Spaceflight and Aerospace Media at USF (S3AM) in February, 2019. S3AM and all of its members now run, manage, and maintain Launch360 and its assets while continuously improving upon them. You can read more about the S3AM-Launch360 relationship here.

Do we hire?

No. Launch360 is 100% student-run by members of S3AM, which is open to all current students at the University of South Florida. Students can apply for membership here.


Yes! We now sell merchandise through Teespring! You can check out our storefront by clicking here! We will be adding more Launch360 swag in the near future.

donations + Patreon support

We are now accepting donations via PayPal! We don’t currently have a Patreon set up yet, but we are planning on opening one sometime later this year.

Launch360 monetization policy

We have not, and never will, monetize any of our content, no matter how large our following becomes.

space Launch schedule

We have multiple inside sources that inform us of any launch schedule changes and frequently check multiple launch calendars made by our colleagues. Launch360 is not responsible for the development and/or launching of these spacecraft and have no control over the date, time, or frequency of the launches. View launches at your own risk, Launch360 is not responsible for any financial loss or bodily injury that may occur. Launch dates and times are always subject to change!

The only time you know for sure that a rocket is going to launch is after it clears the tower.”
- Unknown

a fun way to inspire the next generation

We highly encourage parents to bring their children to launches! All spaceflight events are kid-friendly, just make sure to bring adequate ear protection for the young ones! Rocket launches are perhaps the most exciting way to get children interested in STEM fields and spaceflight! Humanity’s future rests on their shoulders! We plan to release a launch viewing guide and information booklet specifically for children sometime in the near future!

Our content policy

All of our content is profanity-free and kid-friendly. None of our content may be downloaded, redistributed, or sold without our permission. Any third-party content we use will be properly sited and credited in our YouTube description and/or directly underneath the content.

Connect with Launch360

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EMail: usf.s3am@gmail.com