Relativity Space

Who is RElativity Space?

Relativity Space is a private space launch startup that develops small to medium-sized launch vehicles for commercial launches. Relativity Space was founded in 2015 on the idea that space launch providers, like Blue Origin and SpaceX, aren’t utilizing advancements in 3D printing technologies enough.

“We believe the future of humanity is interplanetary. In realizing that vision, we will create technology that also betters life on Earth.

Relativity is an orbital launch company that will deploy and resupply satellite constellations to connect and improve our planet. We are taking a fundamentally new approach to build and fly rockets.”
(from Relativity Space)

Relativity Space focuses on developing small to medium-sized launch vehicles that are comprised mostly, if not entirely, of 3D printed components. Relativity Space currently leases CCAFS SLC-16.

Terran 1:

Relativity Space is currently developing a two-stage 3D printed launch vehicle called, Terran 1. With a payload capacity of 2,760 pounds to low Earth orbit (LEO), Terran 1 will be utilized for small satellite launches. Terran 1’s first stage will be powered by nine methane-fueled, 3D printed Aeon 1 engines, while the second stage will be powered by a single Aeon 1 engine. Relativity Space is currently aiming to launch Terran 1 by the end of 2020.

Terran 1 graphic from Relativity Space.

Terran 1 graphic from Relativity Space.