When is the next launch?

Launch schedules:

You can always check out our updated launch schedule to find out when the next launch is. Our schedule currently only features Florida launches, making it quick and easy to figure out when to plan your next trip to the Space Coast. Below you’ll find a list of the next three launches featured on our launch schedule.

But what if you want to find launch schedules for other launch sites? No worries, there are a plethora of online launch schedules you can use! Here are some of our favorite online launch schedules:

Aside from online launch schedules, some even have apps you can download directly onto your iOS and Android devices! Here are some of our favorite launch schedule apps:

Understanding launch dates:

The most important thing to understand while checking launch schedules is that launch dates and times are ALWAYS subject to change! Rocket launches are notorious for delays and can be scrubbed only seconds before liftoff. There are hundreds of thousands of things that must go right before launch can occur, some of which are completely out of human control. A huge part of viewing launches comes down to luck, but planning for delays can increase your chances significantly!

“The only time you know that a rocket is definitely going to launch is when it clears the tower.”
- Unknown

Reading launch schedules:

Abbreviations and acronyms can be tricky, unfortunately both the military and the world of spaceflight LOVE using them. Here are some common ones you’ll see when looking though launch schedules:

NET — No Earlier Than
TBD — To Be Determined

KSC — Kennedy Space Center
CCAFS — Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
VAFB — Vandenburg Air Force Base
USAF — United States Air Force
— Air Force Space Command
ISS — International Space Station
LC — Launch Complex
SLC — Space Launch Complex
LZ — Landing Zone

RTLS — Return to Launch Site (booster landing)
ASDS — Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship (booster landing)
OCISLY — Of Course I Still Love You (SpaceX drone ship)
JRTI — Just Read The Instructions (SpaceX drone ship)

CRS — Commercial Resupply Services
COTS — Commercial Orbital Transportation Services
SSTO — Single Stage To Orbit
SF — Static Fire
L- — Launch minus [days until launch]
T- — Time minus [time until launch]
LOS — Loss of Signal

BEO — Beyond Earth Orbit
GEO — Geostationary Orbit
GTO — Geostationary Transfer Orbit
HEO — High Earth Orbit
LEO — Low Earth Orbit
MEO – Medium Earth Orbit
SO — Suborbital

These are just a few of the thousands you’ll find in spaceflight. If you come across something that isn’t listed here you can always check out NASA’s Acronym and Abbreviation List!