what is s3AM?

The Student Society of Spaceflight and Aerospace Media (S3AM) is a multidisciplinary student-run organization at the University of South Florida where students report on spaceflight and aerospace through the Launch360 platform.

our mission

We aim to bring the excitement of spaceflight to everyone, everywhere via unique VR experiences and frequent reporting on aerospace happenings.

Why join S3aM?

Through S3AM and Launch360, students have the opportunity to:

  • Build media and engineering experience.

  • Engineer new equipment and systems.

  • Work with cutting-edge VR technologies.

  • Frequently experience and document spaceflight up close.

  • Travel around the country to cover major out-of-state spaceflight events.

  • Gain valuable connections in the aerospace and media industries.

  • And much more!

Who is able to join s3AM?

S3AM is open for all USF students, no matter their field of study!

is s3AM on bullsync?

Since S3AM is still in its infancy, we aren’t on BullSync just yet. We plan on having our BullSync page up-and-running in the coming weeks! In the meantime, you can join by applying on our S3AM membership application page!

Connect with S3AM:

Apply for Membership
Bullsync (Coming Soon)

Social media:
Instagram (Coming soon)
Twitter (Coming Soon)

Email: usf.s3am@gmail.com

(Specific contacts coming soon)